Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY Dog Toy

Ms. Maggie Mae is always so busy.  She loves to play...and play...and play.  Literally, all day long.  NO NAPS!!  Her favorite toys are ropes and she loves to tear out the knots and rip them to shreds.  Hence, my need to vacuum every day...sometimes more than once a day.  Obviously, she is in puppy play mode all the time and is still in the phase of destroying all her toys.  She loves textures and sounds, so as I was cleaning out the fridge today, I had an idea.

To get started, you will need an empty plastic container and old socks.  For my plastic container, I used an old grated Parmesan cheese container.  I removed the lid and plastic wrap and cleaned it out.

Next, I squished the plastic container down as much as I could without breaking the plastic.  I wanted to preserve the crinkly plastic sound that it made...she will love it!

After the plastic was squished to my liking, I slid the socks over the plastic container and knotted it up tightly.

Finished!  Here is her evidence of enjoyment. 

I love this picture, because, this is when she figured out how to get it to make the crinkly sound on her own.  So inquisitive!

She played all morning...at least until she got that knot out and exposed the plastic.  Don't let your dog eat the plastic.  You can just put another sock over it.  I did this for a little bit, then I took the plastic out and knotted all the socks together into a ball.  For her, that means it is time to play fetch!

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  1. That Maggie girl, she is so smart, just like her Mom!!

  2. Again, I say that is one lucky dog! She is so loved......