Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Garden Is In!

Our weather here is about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, so I have been really excited to get my little patio garden in.  Last year, I had everything in by April 15.  Storms and a busy week kept me from doing it until yesterday this year.  When we lived in Charlotte, Brad called our little patio, "the place where plants go to die."  The biggest problem there was full Carolina sunshine all day, with no shade.  Our patio here get part sun, part shade.  Last year, my tomato's never produced tomatoes.  The pepper plants produced one pepper after the hurricane.  Here is to hoping that my little garden will produce lots of goodies and that I have figured out the best places for them to get their sun (And my green thumb has gotten a little greener)!

Earlier this winter, I found this idea for a pallet planter on pinterest.  Brad took apart one pallet and part of this one to create our version of it.  I think it looks really fun against the brick. 

Top row is strawberries
2nd row (left) begonias and (right) hot & spicy oregano
3rd row (left) basil and (right) begonias
bottom row (left) empty and (right) rosemary.

I am thinking lavender on the bottom left row, what do you think?  Any suggestions?

Left to right:  Cherry tomatoes, green pepper, Roma tomatoes, lettuce.

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  1. I love it all and can not wait until I see it in person on Tuesday when I come over for dinner! A lilac is normally a bush and can get really big, so I don't think that would work to well. You want another annual, maybe impatience would work or another herb like chives. Love you and you blog, see you soon!