Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vintage Finds

With Sallie visiting for spring break, we were off on a day trip yesterday.  We went to New Bern, NC.  (More on that later!)  Along the drive we had to check out one of our favorite antique stores. 

Anyone that knows me, will completely understand that these mink stoles really creeped me out!  There were 8 of them slung over the top of a blue bench.  For me, their creepiness alone deserved a picture.  I was even further creeped out when Brad and Sallie were petting them!  I had to move on...

At this store, I usually find great vintage costume jewelry that I can bring home, take apart, and create new things, but I didn't really find anything that I couldn't live without yesterday.  But, I have been looking for a long time for a printer's drawer to turn into a shadow box for all my miniature finds.  Sallie had found a cute little owl sculpture and I was talking about how I needed to find a printers drawer asap.  Turned the corner, and bam!  There one was!  Overall it was in good shape, one divider needed a little glue and the back was cracked, but it just gave it more character.

Here it is all cleaned up and hung on the wall.  I already had some little treasures for it.  Guitar picks from our wedding, a tiny Tabasco sauce, a felted gourd, tiny blocks to spell Long, a wine cork from our first anniversary, a Berlin pin from Brad's "German" hat, a wind up crab toy, a tiny pitcher, a squirrel, an owl, a goat pin, a spring chicken pin, and a lounge lizard pin.  This will be a blast to fill with tiny found treasures!

Brad also had a cool find.  While perusing around the store, he found a 1960's Voigtlander Brilliant box camera.  It is still workable, just needs a little TLC.  For now, it is living on our bookshelf in the living room.

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