Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hartville Flea Market

On our Ohio trip this summer, we took a day with the Long/Starn family to go to the Hartville Flea Market.  I love this place!  I remember going there with my parents as a kid and buying homemade cabbage patch dresses for my dolls.  The flea market hasn't changed too much in all those years, but luckily, my tastes have. 

We picked a scorcher of a day to be there.  There were not too many of the outside vendors, but the indoor building was packed.  I love the outside vendors, because that is where I think the bargains are to be found.  These vendors are easy to haggle with.  The inside is great too, don't get me wrong.  Lots of food items and all kinds of cute little shops. 

On this day, I had the best luck outside.  Here were my vintage Pyrex finds!

The orange one on the bottom was actually given to me by Sallie.  Thank you!!!  The middle and top one I found at the flea market for (drum roll, please) $1 each!!!!  Oh, how I love thrifting!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    You are quite welcome my sweet lady! What a cute photo too, you are really getting good at this!

  2. Wow you got quite a deal. Very nice pyrex.

    1. I know! $1...I still can't believe it!