Friday, March 29, 2013

What I've Been Up To Lately

Lately, it has been cold.  It is still winter.  Spring has not fully sprung, but I will hope (just like everyone else) that maybe it will be here soon!  Other than wishful weather thinking this is what I have been up to.

Last Saturday was earth hour.  It is supposed to be an evening of turning off your electricity and getting outside to enjoy our planet!  We decided to partake by going to a nearby park.  They had night hikes, a professor from the local university showing us the constellations, and a bonfire (with marshmallows!).  My favorite part of the night was on the hike.  We were walking by one of the ponds and I kept hearing what sounded like pig sounds.  We soon discovered they were not pigs, but wood ducks who had perched in the tippy tops of the trees!  Hundreds of them!  It was so awesome.

I've also been using my pretty Pyrex to make some mean weekend breakfasts.

Speaking of cooking, I made a yummy Chicago-style pizza the other day.  It was delish!  Recipe from an earlier post, here.

I redecorated some shelves to display these lovely wooden clogs.  They used to be my Grandparents.  When I was a little girl, the first thing I would do when I got to their house was take off my own shoes and put these wooden decorative clogs on.  Grandma kept them in the dining room beside her plants.

I've also been busy preparing for some house guests this weekend.  I picked up these pretty flowers for an Easter centerpiece.

I've been rocking my mocs. :0)

Also, lots of play time with this sleepy giant puppy and her trail of toys.

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