Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Felt Sunnies Case

I love sunglasses and I wear them all year round.  I always have them with me.  If I don't, I feel lost.  (I feel the same way about lip balm, but that is another story.)  When I take my sunglasses off, I usually toss them in my purse.  Inevitably, they get scratched and beat up over time.  Then, I am sad, because I get attached to each pair and it is always so hard to find a replacement that was remotely as awesome as the last.  So, I decided to make a case for them.  Maybe this will elongate their life!

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  1. So cute and a great idea!! I want one of everything you make!!

  2. This is so cute and would be so handy. My sunglasses always get lost in the bottom of my purse! Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday!