Monday, June 11, 2012

Smart Tips and Tricks

*  If you want to arrange flowers in a bowel, use clear tape in a grid pattern to create spaces for your flowers.  Thanks, Martha Stuart

*Joy Astle has a genius idea for storing wrapping paper.  Just cut paper towel or toilet paper tubes to secure them.

*Cathe from Just Something I Made labels all of her chargers!  This would make it easy to find the right one!  I NEED a label maker.  HAHA!

*Meck Mom makes having a cold a little less messier by attaching an empty tissue box to a full tissue box with rubber bands.  Simply toss the used tissue into the garbage box.

*Diane from In My Own Style uses pipe cleaners to create no-slip clothes hangers.

*Better Homes and Gardens has a car organizing tip to turn a plastic cereal container into an in car trash can.  Great for road trips!

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